November 7, 2017 in China

Songwa Estates will exhibit at the Cafe Show in Seoul PRESS CONTACT  (9-12   November ), the 2017 venue for the World Barista Championship. Three strong partners, one passion, thinking internationally, operating regionally.
This month, for the first time since its founding 10 years ago, Songwa Estates will be exhibiting at an international coffee show.
Songwa partner staff will be at the Songwa Estates booth ( D119 ) at the Cafe Show in Seoul to share information on:
• Coffee seminars that take place each year on the farm in  collaboration with agronomist and coffee expert, Thomas Plattner;
 • Hands for Songwa and the partner’s aim to accomplish more on behalf of the local community who work the farm near Mbeya, Tanzania including news on what has been accomplished so far and what plans are in store for 2018;
• Songwa Estates green coffee.
In addition to news about the sustainable initiative, guests will have an opportunity to sample freshly roasted,  ground and brewed Songwa coffee, which is smooth in flavour with a medium to full, fruity body.
La Marzocco,  Mahlkönig and Probat joined forces in 2007 and established Songwa Estates, a non-profit endeavour aimed at educating staff , clients and those who work in the coffee sector in a meaningful way as well as providing tangible support to the community whose livelihoods depend on the growth and harvest of coffee.
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