La Marzocco's Signature Event

Out of the Box is a destination event that is rich in content and dedicated to La Marzocco’s partners and coffee enthusiasts from around the globe. It is a cultural celebration, bringing together the local community through La Marzocco’s passion for amazing coffee!

Following is the speaker line-up from the past OOTB 2015 edition in Milano…

Stefania Martelli

Proraso Heritage & Competitive Edge

Peter Docker

Harness The Power of Why

Professor Fabio Bruni

Things A Physicist Can Say About Water (Should You Dare Ask)

Tim Schilling

No More Key Lime Pie Please

Marco Rosetti

Brewing Innovation

Konrad Brits

Zero Cost Sustainability

Al Keating

The Cult of Culture

Matt Perger

The Death of the Death of the Barista

John Richards

KEXP: Building a Global Community Through Music