Linea Red Series | 1990-1993

The Linea series of machines is introduced, including standard thermo-stability features with a classic stainless steel body design that remains popular today. The original series was made in stainless steel with a red colored frame. The Linea was built on the GS/2 platform, and was available with solenoid valves and on-off switches or with automatic volumetric dosing for brewed coffee.

Estimated production: 1,200-1,500 units (1, 2, 3 and 4-groups).

Linea Limited Brass Edition | 1992

This machine featured a custom brass body and using the same chassis and mechanical components used in the Linea.

Estimated production: 5 units (3-group) and 3 units (4-group) units, custom-made for a select group of important clients in Florence, Rome and abroad.

Linea Classic | 1993

Designed like the original Linea, but with a black colored frame, the new version introduced a series of new components.

Production: thousands of Lineas have been produced and sold around the world. It is the Linea, more than any other model, which identifies the company and the La Marzocco brand. The Linea is still produced today.

Mistral | 1995-2004

This machine was designed to be a modern version of the previous GS machine. It was created by Dutch designer Kees Van Der Westen and introduced at the HOST Expo in Milan. The La Marzocco logo was originally sand-blasted on the glass side panels.

Functioning: same as the Linea. Production: 116 units.

FB70 | 1997

Celebrating La Marzocco’s 70th anniversary, a later version of the Linea, that is equipped with an elegant body that can be produced in virtually any colour, is introduced as the FB70.

Production: thousands have been produced and sold around the world.